Welcome Back - Covid Update: Important information for Students

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Studio Air!

We have been working very hard to ensure our students and teachers are able to train and teach in an effective and safe environment, therefore social distancing measures have been put in place. Please ensure you read this before returning to the Studio...

  • We expect all students to arrive at least 5 minutes before class and you will be required to wait outside the studio.

  • You must be prepared to join the class ‘gym ready’. There are toilets on site, if you wished to use the facilities to change.

  • Anyone late to class will not be permitted to join.

  • Please ensure you bring a water bottle for your class as you will not have access to the water jug.

  • Wearing socks or toesox is mandatory.

  • We would like to encourage that you arrive with face-masks to wear in the studio (this is not mandatory). Please note that you will not be required to wear masks while on the apparatus.

  • To restrict numbers in class, we are not able to accommodate parents watching their children or entering the studio during the class. Parents are able to wait in their car onsite. Please note that younger children must be comfortable walking to the onsite toilets if they need to go.

  • New students will be required to complete a new terms and conditions, which includes a declaration around your health - please bring these with you on your first class

  • All students will be required to have temperature check on arrival and to be signed in.

  • You will need to sanitise your hands on arrival and when leaving.

  • We have put in place strict social distancing measures.

  • You will also be allocated a plastic box that you will need to put shores and bags into – you will then need to go to your allocated space in the studio to sit and observe.

  • Aerials – students will be sharing an apparatus with 2 other student (we have three rig points – so 9 students max in total). You will have specific time allocated on the equipment and this will be cleaned before the other student uses this.

  • Pilates – you will be allocated your own equipment for a class

  • Collection – at the end of class, children will wait on their allocated spaces and parents can collect one at a time from our open door.

Important – if you are not feeling well and have potential symptoms then you must not attend the studio. If anyone appears to be unwell in class then they will immediately be asked to leave the studio

Important - If anyone does not abide by the measures we have taken place to ensure a safe training facility then you will be asked to leave the class

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